Easter eggs are always something fun to look for, and Pixar never disappoints in that regard. They always have a number of easter eggs that you can rely on finding in every film. Viewing Cars 3 we found all the standard ones we expected, plus a couple of others that we were just as much fun.

Whether you've already seen Cars 3 and you missed these, or if you're planning to go and want to make sure you don't miss them, here are the Pixar (and one Disney) eastereggs that we caught while watching the film.

Luxo Ball

The Luxo ball shows up in the very first short that Pixar chief John Lasseter ever created for the company, Luxo Jr. You'll recognize the lamp from the Pixar logo, but the ball also appears in every Pixar film. In Cars 3 it makes an appearance in a slightly different way. We never see the ball itself. Instead, we see a car during the demolition derby scene which has a paint job which matches the look of the ball. This is similar to the reference we got in Finding Dory, as the pattern of the ball was visible at one point, but we never actually saw the ball itself.

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