How Many Pixar Easter Eggs From This Extensive Video Have You Seen?

If you're a hardcore Pixar fan then you're probably used to looking for, and finding, references to other Pixar films inside each of their theatrical releases. However, a new Disney video shows off some easter eggs that even the most eagle-eyed viewer may have missed. Some of these are so obscure that it's almost unbelievable they were done on purpose, once you watch the video you won't really be able to argue. Check it out.

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If you're a well-schooled fan of Pixar then you may already be aware of some of the standing easter eggs that Pixar places in all their films. The Pizza Planet delivery truck can be seen in nearly all Pixar movies, and this video wraps up with one of those references. The Luxo Ball, which was used in Pixar's very first short, can also be seen in most Pixar features. The video from Oh My Disney doesn't even make a reference to it, though the ball can be seen in a couple shots from Monsters Inc. The third consistent easter egg for Pixar is that each film they make references the next film they're going to release. Several of the easter eggs we see here fall into that category, though not all.

The video starts off with an Inside Out easter egg in Finding Dory, as it turns out that Riley visited the aquarium with her school class. From there, however, we move fairly consistently through time, showing how each Pixar film referenced the one that came before it. This includes things like a wooden block version of Lightning Mcqueen that's visible in Toy Story 3, a film that was followed by Cars 2.

One of the most obscure references is from the jump between Ratatouille and the movie that followed it, Wall-E. Apparently, the same scooter driven by Skinner in the former movie ends up on Wall-E's junk pile in the latter film. Did you actually catch that one?

There are some additional easter eggs here that make reference to Pixar movies a bit out of order, including a Cars 2 reference in Ratatouille as well as Monsters Inc. calling out to both the film that followed it (Finding Nemo) and the one that preceded it (Toy Story 2). Were you familiar with every easter egg in the video? There are a ton more that weren't even dealt with here. Let us know your favorite in the comments below.

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