The First Coco Trailer Is Beautiful And Magical

Pixar's current film schedule is focused very much on sequels to their successful franchises. However, in the middle of the Finding Dory's and the Toy Story 4 's there is one original project coming and this morning we got our first look at the movie. Coco follows a young boy named Miguel who has a passion for music, but grows up in a family that forbids it. The first teaser gives us a taste not only of how the new film will look, but how it will sound as well. Check out the first teaser below.

Our trailer introduces us to Miguel a boy who is apparently teaching himself to play the guitar by mimicking the finger movements of guitarists on TV. He's doing so in the middle of the night, as quietly as possible. It's clear that he's not supposed to be doing it. Eventually, he's overwhelmed by the desire to play one specific guitar. It belonged to his idol Ernesto de la Cruz, and upon discovering that his own life is connected to that of Cruz, Miguel plays the guitar, and that's when the fun starts. Miguel gets transported to the Land of the Dead. His family can no longer see him, but the spirits that apparently live around us all can. As exemplified by the terrified one we meet in the trailer.

Officially, this trailer is called a teaser, which is movie-speak for "we're going to show you some of the movie without really telling you anything." While we see the setup for Coco, exactly where the story goes from where this trailer leaves off is far from clear. We know from other news that's been released that Miguel will meet several generations of his family as spirits in the Land of the Dead. He will seek their blessing for his desire to play music in public, something which, one assumes most will be against, having lived in a family that did not allow it.

Spirit in Coco

As a teaser, this look at Coco is all too brief. Still, we can definitely see that Pixar's magic is fully at work here. The animation is bright and beautiful, even while so much of the footage takes place in the dark. What's more, Coco looks to take music very seriously as well. While it's not looking exactly like a musical in the Disney style, it does look to be more musically inclined than any previous Pixar movie. The only problem we have with Coco so far is that we have to wait until November to see it. If you want to see this trailer on the big screen, there's a good chance it will be attached to Beauty and the Beast this Friday. Coco will arrive in theaters November 22.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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