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Dean Devlin has a lot of experience producing movies involving mass destruction and chaos, from the Independence Day movies to 1998's Godzilla. His directorial debut, Geostorm, is keeping up that trend, and this time, it's storms made up of the worst natural disasters you can imagine that threatens to tear our world apart. The first Geostorm trailer focused on the elemental forces that will tear society apart, but the latest trailer combines that insanity with highlighting the characters who will be trying to stop this global catastrophe.

The Geostorm teaser trailer didn't provide any specific plot information, instead angling to hook audiences in on the shocking imagery of seeing natural disasters destroying everything in their path. This time around, Warner Bros has dropped a trailer that lays out the premise of the movie, including how leading man Gerard Butler fits into the proceedings. In the near-future, satellites are supposed to control the weather and prevent natural disasters from happening, but an act of sabotage has resulted in small pods being released that unleash these "geostorms." It's up to Butler's Jake Lawson and his allies to shut down the satellite system so that the storms will dissipate, and part of that mission will involve kidnapping the president so the can obtain the kill codes. Whatever will save the world, right?

While the new Geostorm trailer doesn't hold back on showing the destructive weather events that are hammering Earth, from tornadoes ripping buildings apart to ice storms that drop planes out of the sky, the preview also injects some of the humor that will play out during the craziness. It gives off an Independence Day vibe, which will no doubt be welcome at certain points during the movie when things get especially dour since the world is close to being obliterated. Geostorm has traveled down a long and winding road to reach theaters, as principal photography originally occurred from late 2014 to early 2015 and it was supposed to be released in 2016 or early 2017 (the release dates shifted several times). However, after poor test screenings in late 2015, much of the movie was reshot from October 2016 to January 2017. We'll finally see if those changes paid off this fall. Along with Gerard Butler, Geostorm's main cast includes Daniel We, Abbie Cornish, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia, Alexandra Lara and Jim Sturgess.

Geostorm wreaks havoc in theaters on October 20. You can also look through our 2017 movie guide to find something else to your liking in theaters for the latter half of 2017.

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