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Goon 2 Trailer Has All Of The Punching And Checking You've Been Waiting For

Hockey: the sport of fighters. When it gets rough on the ice, it gets really rough, sometimes in ways that follow you off the ice. That's exactly what Doug the Thug is about to learn the hard way, as Seann William Scott's indie anti-hero is about to make his way to theaters again in Goon: The Last of the Defenders. Celebrate Scott's return to the ice, and all of the carnage it entails, with the trailer below.

When we last left Doug, at the end of 2011's Goon, he took a hell of a beating after dishing one out to Liev Schriber's Ross "The Boss" Rhea. Flash forward to today, where Goon: The Last of the Defenders sees Scott's character injured yet again on the ice, but now having to deal with a young upstart looking to take his place on the Halifax Highlanders in his absence. Though that's the least of his worries, as Doug and Allison Pill's Eva are about to embark on the greatest journey of all: parenthood.

But don't let the parenting story fool you, there's plenty of fighting to be had in the world of Goon, and we see a good deal of it in the trailer for Goon: The Last of the Defenders. After all, the film has been slapped with an R-rating, in part because of "bloody sports violence." With Wyatt Russell stepping in as the young buck that's captaining the Halifax Highlanders in Doug's absence, there's bound to be some swagger filled combat when Doug makes his way back to the ice. Especially considering it's Russell's character that took him out of commission in the first place, leaving our hero to take fighting lessons from his former rival, now mentor, Ross.

It's been a good six years between Goon: The Last of the Defenders and its predecessor, yet the would-be franchise looks like it still has its edge. Even more exciting is the fact that not only has Jay Baruchel returned as a co-writer and co-star of this second entry, but he's also taken the opportunity to make his directorial debut behind the camera. Though it's nice that he has a lot of his Goon cast-mates returning, it also helps that some newcomers will be making their way into the mix, so as not to let things get too settled. Again, "bloody sports violence" are not words that are thrown about easily, or calmly, so if you're going to see Goon: The Last of the Defenders, bring your appetite for high sticking, and unsportsmanlike conduct.

Goon: Last of the Defenders will hit limited theaters, as well as video on demand providers, on September 1st, just about a month before NHL Hockey season starts on October 4th.

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