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Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible

Over the weekend we learned that Tom Cruise injured himself filming a stunt for the newest Mission: Impossible movie. Now, it sounds like the injury may have serious repercussions for the movie. It's now being reported that the stunt gone wrong has resulted in Cruise having two broken bones in his ankle, which in turn means that production of Mission: Impossible 6 is being put on hold for four months. At this point, we have no idea if these rumors are true, but it's clearly bad news if they are.

To be clear, none of this, from the extent of Tom Cruise's injury to the production delay, has been officially announced which means that it may not be true, but if what The Sun says is accurate, then Mission: Impossible has some pretty serious problems. If Cruise's ankle really is broken then the production delay is certainly a likely result. Tom Cruise is the front and center star of those movies and while recent entries in the series have tried to do more with the "team" aspect of the franchise, at the end of the day there are only a handful of scenes in these movies that Tom Cruise isn't in, which means there's only so much work that's possible to complete if he's not available.

A broken ankle is certainly consistent with the video that we saw of the injury. Tom Cruise was leaping from one rooftop to another and while he didn't quite make it to the second roof, (which may have been intentional) after he pulled himself up, he was hobbling on one leg and clearly had trouble putting weight on it. That doesn't mean the ankle is broken, any number of temporary injuries could have caused the same reaction.

The biggest issue with a potential delay, if it's as much as four months is that it could mean Mission: Impossible 6 will miss its release date and get pushed out of the summer movie window. The film is currently set for a July 2018 release but if the movie still finds itself filming in early 2018 it may have trouble getting post-production done in time to hit that date. This means we might not actually see the next Mission: Impossible until either the holiday season of 2018 or possibly even the summer of 2019. This could, in turn, result in changes to other Tom Cruise projects as a major change in filming here could mean shooting schedules for everything else on the actor's docket will have to be adjusted.

Tom Cruise is famous for his insistence that he performs his own stunts in films. At the end of the day, it's only a matter of time before the actor receives some sort of significant injury, so if that is what has happened here, we won't be too surprised. Hopefully, the extent of the injury is being exaggerated and they'll be able to film around it, but if production is shutting down we'll probably get an official word from the studio before too long.

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