How Disney Let Its Employees Celebrate Star Wars Land

Star Wars Land

Star Wars and Disney theme park fans alike are excited for the impending opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, the new land at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World set to open in 2019. While the exact dates of opening have not been announced, we know that Disneyland will see its new land open first, which means construction must be slightly further along. In fact, that construction hit an impressive milestone recently when it installed what will be the highest point in the new land. To celebrate, cast members (employees) were invited to sign their name to the steel beam which marks that spot.

While the milestone is an impressive one, the exact location of the beam is much more utilitarian. The high point will be the rock facade that will surround the new land. It's important, as it will help separate the area from the rest of the park, in order to hold up the illusion that you're on an alien world and not inside a theme park. The rock wall will reach a point of 130 feet according to the Orlando Sentinal. Now, when you look at it on your first visit you'll know that underneath the faux rock is a steel beam covered in the autographs of people who work at the park. Hopefully, that won't kill the illusion.

Considering the sheer volume of employees who work at the resort, and it sounds like literally everybody was invited to add their name and well wishes, we're guessing that the size of the beam probably still couldn't handle everybody who wanted to become part of the new land. Between two full theme parks, three hotels, and numerous Downtown Disney shops, there are a lot of people who work at the resort.

For those of us who really can't wait for the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, hearing that construction hit this milestone is great news. We're guessing that Disneyland is shooting for a May 2019 opening. That's when most new attractions open, ahead of the summer busy season. If so, that puts the land less than two full years away, which is something, but it's still too far away.

While 130 feet is a pretty impressive height, the highest point in the new land is still significantly shorter than other locations around the park. The highest point at Disneyland is the Matterhorn at 147 feet tall. Across the way at Disney's California Adventure, Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission - Breakout (formerly the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror) stands at 183 feet tall.

What makes Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge so impressive won't be its height, but it will be its overall size. The new land is the largest single construction project ever undertaken at the parks and it's promising an unparalleled level of immersion into the world of Star Wars. Two major rides are planned along with numerous shops and at least one sit down restaurant.

Both new Star Wars lands are set to open in 2019. Walt Disney World will see a new Toy Story land opening next summer in the same park where Galaxy's Edge will reside.

Dirk Libbey
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