Here's What Stars Wars' Disney World Resort Will Look Like

Rumors began to circulate a couple months ago that Walt Disney World was planning something big for a hotel at the new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge area at Disney's Hollywood Studio, but we had no idea just how big until now. Disney gave up some more info during the recent D23 Expo and these details, combined with concept art, show that this is nothing like any hotel that has ever existed before. Everything about it looks like Star Wars, including you.

The new Star Wars Resort that will be built around the new Star Wars land, revealed to be going by the name Galaxy's Edge at D23. According to the information that was released, the hotel is a fully immersive attraction in its own right. It's not simply a hotel with Star Wars decorations, but a place where every single guest will be able to live out a Star Wars experience. The hotel will even provide attire so that you can dress like you're part of the galaxy far far away.

In the image above we see what is clearly supposed to be your average hotel bar. Some of the people look like tourists, but most of them look like they're part of the universe. Obviously, people are going to want to sit down and have a drink now and then, but in this case even doing that doesn't take you out of the world. We actually see a droid bartender here and we wouldn't be surprised if that is actually the goal of the real hotel.

Next, we see a room, the purpose of which is not entirely clear. It looks like a room on board a large Star Wars spacecraft, which is what the hotel is supposed to be according to the story that will be told. However, since some sort of Star Wars story is part of what the hotel will provide there will very likely be places that exist only to help tell that story, and that could be what this is. There will likely be Disney cast members who you can interact with in character as part of your adventure and a room like this could be where you find them.

Finally, we have the actual hotel room. Even though the hotel is designed to keep you inside it for several days at a time our guess is you probably won't be spending much time here, but the room design looks amazing. The large picture window is beautiful and it probably draws your attention to something you may have also noticed in the other images. Every window in the hotel will look out on space. A major part of the immersion of the hotel will be the fact that from the inside you'll feel like your traveling through space.

Not only is this hotel a first for Walt Disney World but the experience sounds like nothing else we've ever heard of anywhere. It's an all-inclusive cruise ship combined with a living history exhibit combined with a hotel combined with lightsabers. Two things we can be fairly sure of, the experience won't be cheap, and it will still be impossible to get a reservation. No date was given for the hotel's opening but it can't come soon enough.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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