As Disney's theme parks continue to expand they are more popular than they've ever been. This means crowds, and crowds mean long lines for your favorite attractions. Disney World has seen some insane crowds at its parks in recent years, but the same is also true in Southern California, where two parks, Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure, sit across a small plaza from each other.

Disneyland is currently seeing a new Star Wars Land being built but both parks have seen major renovations and additions in recent years that have led to larger and larger crowds. Here are the 10 rides that have seen the largest crowds in recent years. As with our previous Disney World list, thanks go out to the team at, who has been doing research in order to give guests the best possible information to prepare them for standing in line(s). As before, each ride has two different wait times reported, the longest time listed by the park itself, and the longest wait time reported to TouringPlans by an actual person who stood in line. Data goes back to 2009.

Star Tours

Longest Posted Wait Time: 150 minutes December 21, 2015

Longest Verified Wait Time: 108 minutes July 16, 2011

Long before a full land dedicated to Star Wars was even a pipe dream, Disneyland had Star Tours. The ride went through a major refurbishment in 2010 where the single storyline of the original ride was replaced by a randomized system allowing guests to "visit" multiple planets. With the advent of new Star Wars movies, even more ride options have been added to the randomizer, giving people all the more reason to get in line again and again in order to experience new sequences.

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