In Hollywood, certain actors get known for certain sorts of roles. Once an actor shows a particular skill or affinity for a certain type of performance, it makes sense to put that actor back into a similar position. It's a sure thing and trying something new doesn't always work.

Actors, for the most part, don't like this, as it keeps them in a box and doesn't let them try new things. Every once in a while, an actor is given a chance to shine by doing something new. A lot of the time, all this does is remind us why these actors only play particular roles. Sometimes, however, an actor shows up in the last role you'd expect them to take, and absolutely nails it. Here are 10 times actors blew us away by trying something we never saw coming.

Daniel Craig, Logan Lucky

Most people probably weren't all that familiar with Daniel Craig as an actor before he was tapped to be the new James Bond. If you had seen him before, it was likely in a movie like Layer Cake. For this reason, it was surprising to see him pop up in the recent Steven Soderbergh heist movie Logan Lucky, playing a southern, bank-robbing convict with a penchant for explosives. If we hadn't ever seen Craig before, we would have assumed that's who he was. He's the highlight of Logan Lucky and now we want to see what else he can do.

Jim Carrey, The Truman Show

While Jim Carrey has made a wide variety of films by this point in his career, back in 1998, he was really only known for ridiculous over-the-top comedies like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Those films fell in line with the work he'd done on television as part of the sketch comedy show In Living Color. This is why nobody knew quite what to expect when he stepped out of that comfort zone for the first time in The Truman Show. The surreal drama had none of the slapstick humor we expected from the actor, and yet, he was absolutely perfect in the role. This opened several new doors for Carrey as a bona-fide Movie Star.

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