It's hard to believe we're already staring down the schedule for October delights at the movies, and yet here we are. It felt like only yesterday we were lamenting this past summer's sting and looking to see what was coming in September that would ease the pain. The first official month of fall brings with it an exciting mix of long awaited/hyped films, some prestige players looking to get an early lead, and a couple of surprises as well. Time to dive in and see what October is set to bring to the box office!

Blade Runner 2049

If the three-decade+ wait for Blade Runner 2049 doesn't have you anxious to see what Denis Villeneuve's follow-up looks like, then we're not sure what will. The stunning-looking sequel to Ridley Scott's '80s classic has been generating a strong amount of buzz through critics, with fans still trying to temper their expectations, as they've been burned before. Still, even with tempered expectations, this movie looks like it's going to crack the box office wide open and blow some minds when it finally hits.

Opening: Friday, October 6th

The Mountain Between Us

With the awards pre-season starting to heat up, films that made a debut at the Toronto International Film Festival will start making their way to the public's eager eyes. The Mountain Between Us is aiming for just that, as the film adaptation of the Charles Martin-penned novel sees Idris Elba and Kate Winslet fighting for their lives, and quite possibly an Academy Award nomination. With a plane crash bring them closer together as they're separated from the outside world, Elba and Winslet will race the clock to get home and thrill the audience in the process.

Opening: Friday, October 6th

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