September means a couple things: back to school season is in the air, Halloween merchandise will start to flood your local stores, and the summer movie season is typically finished. So going into this month, we were afraid that we'd come up with a list of barely interesting films that represented the "best" of the hypothetical best. Lucky us, this September has some killer picks when it comes to the realm of theatrical entertainment, with two of the movies in this list acting looking like they'll really clean up.

Don't take our word for it though, as you can see the list for yourself, starting with our first pick below.

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

While Close Encounters of the Third Kind isn't exactly a new release, any chance to see Steven Spielberg's classic about extraterrestrial contact on the big screen is something we'll gladly endorse. If you've seen it before, then obviously this re-release will be perfect fodder to relive some fine memories. But if you've never seen it, or know someone who hasn't experienced it before, then now's as good a time as any to introduce your friends and family to the majesty that is Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Opening: Friday, September 1st


We've been looking forward to IT for some time, and the positive buzz is only growing louder with each passing moment. To make things even more fever pitched, recent reports are predicting that director Andres Muschetti's spirited re-interpretation will have quite the killer opening weekend. A lot of good faith is in the air with this movie, and we really want it to arrive already for two reasons: the wait will be finally be over, and we'll be able to estimate how many lights we'll need to leave on in the name of safety.

Opening: Friday, September 8th

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