New Thor: Ragnarok Clip Reveals How Thor Feels About Losing His Hammer

We are less than a month away from the release of Marvel's latest film Thor: Ragnarok, and while we've seen a lot of previews for the movie, Jimmy Kimmel Live! actually debuted a pretty fun clip taken from the film this week. That clip focuses on Thor, seemingly as he is preparing to fight in the arena seen in the early trailers for the film. One thing's for certain: Thor isn't taking the loss of his hammer Mjolnir very well. You can check out the new clip, below.

If you are watching the clip, the first thing you'll notice is Thor trying out some new weapons in the absence of his famed hammer. He's chatting with new character Korg, and as you may notice, Korg is voiced by the Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi. Getting back to Mjolnir, Thor explains that his hammer was super special and made from metal from the heart of a dying star. He's clearly sentimental about all of the things the hammer could do, and Korg helps him to understand exactly what the hammer meant to the Marvel character, noting,

Sounds like you had a pretty special and intimate relationship with this hammer and that losing it was almost comparable to losing a loved one.

Thor agrees with his new pal regarding what Mjolnir meant to him, and it's super clear that he's having some trouble coping with the loss of his beloved hammer, which gets destroyed early on in the events of the film. We recently saw footage of Hela taking out Mjolnir in a field, although it previously looked as if the scene had been shot in an urban setting, so the whole thing is very mysterious.

We've known for a while that a lot of Thor: Ragnarok was improvised, and Chris Hemsworth also told Jimmy Kimmel on his late night show that the scene in question came when he and Taika Waititi were just messing around with the weapons--which Hemsworth says the art department went above and beyond to create--on the set. The scene was only supposed to be one line, but it became more about Thor's hammer as they started playing around with it. Not a bad way to get things done, at all.

Whether he'll be able to compensate for the loss of his hammer remains to be seen, but luckily we won't have too much longer to wait to find out. The new movie is hitting theaters a few weeks before the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. Get your Thor: Ragnarok tickets here (opens in new tab) before the movie is out on November 2. In addition, be sure to take a look at what we know about the upcoming film.

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