While the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean movie teased us that it was the "final adventure," it recently came out that the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, signed on for two movies, not just the one they made, which means that at least one more Pirates movie is potentially in the cards. Considering how much money the last movie actually made, such a film isn't just possible, it's likely.

But in large part, the last film wrapped up the franchise, didn't it? Well, not entirely. There are still plenty of places where a sixth film could potentially go. Here are a few ideas for possible starting points for Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Incredibly Long Subtitle Here.

Davy Jones

The most obvious place is to go is where the last movie's post-credits sequence teased. In that scene, we saw a newly free Will Turner have a nightmare that Davy Jones had returned. While he thought it was a dream, we know that this wasn't entirely the case. Perhaps the destruction of the Trident of Poseidon, which seemingly ended all curses, had the side effect of bringing back to life a man who had died via a curse. If so, seeking vengeance on those who killed him wouldn't be that surprising. Though, if the curse is actually broken, perhaps Bill Nighy doesn't have to get covered in CGI and prosthetics.

Angelica and the Jack Sparrow Voodoo Doll

For the most part, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales liked to pretend that the previous film had never happened. While we completely understand that, the fact is that On Stranger Tides did leave a couple of openings for more story. The post-credits sequence of that movie saw Blackbeard's daughter Angelica, played by Penelope Cruz, marooned on an island, but in possession of a voodoo doll of Captain Jack Sparrow. Since a voodoo doll isn't technically a curse, it should still work just fine, and if she ever decides to use it, Jack will need help getting it back.

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