Blade Runner 2049 is the sequel to one of the most well-revered science fiction movies ever made. It stars two of the biggest names in Hollywood, that cover multiple generations of fans. It has a director who's on a hot streak, and has made a series of great movies. So why isn't the film doing better at the box office?

While it seems that critics almost universally love the new film, Blade Runner 2049 is following pretty closely in the footsteps of its predecessor. The original Blade Runner was not a runaway success either, which actually does go a long way to explaining why 2049 is having trouble. Here's a look at the reasons that have added up to make things difficult for the Blade Runner sequel, from what we can tell.

Not Everybody Has Actually Seen Blade Runner

The simple fact is that when Blade Runner was first released in theaters, the film struggled. While the movie is being called a classic today, and justifiably so, it wasn't a huge hit. But has everybody really gone back to actually watch the original? The short answer is no. Especially in the demographic that tends to go to the theater the most often, there are probably a lot of people who've never sat down with the original. Even if you know the original is supposed to be a great film, if you've never actually watched it, you're not going to run out to see the sequel.

It's Not An Action Blockbuster

Certainly, movies don't need to be action heavy to be successful. However, in the realm of science fiction, that does tend to be the case. While both Blade Runner films have their share of action, that's far from what they're about. These are serious, dramatic, science fiction stories that try to ask important questions about the nature of humanity. That can go far with film critics, but it doesn't necessarily do the same thing at the box office. Blade Runner 2049 has seen box office weekends on par with what Arrival, Denis Villeneuve's last science fiction drama, had done by this point. This is just how these movies do.

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