1922 Trailer: Stephen King's New Netflix Movie Is Full Of Murder And Revenge

Period dramas often look into the past through a nostalgic lens, but Stephen King isn't really the type of person to do that. In fact, in 1922, the upcoming drama film based on a Stephen King novella, country life is not what it seems, especially when there is murder involved. You can watch the full trailer for the supernatural thriller, below. Be prepared though, it seems to give quite a bit away about the upcoming Netflix movie, but it's also totally worth a watch.

In the trailer, we meet Wilfred James, a farmer who seemingly enjoys living the quiet life with his wife and son. Unfortunately, his wife doesn't like life in the country and wants to leave her husband to head to the city. Unfortunately, divorce would mean losing assets and the farm, and what ends up unfolding is a murder mystery that brings the sheriff sniffing around. Yes, Wilfred kills his wife Arlette, but that isn't the end of the story. In a twisted tale of supernatural revenge, she comes back to haunt Wilfred and their son, Henry. It's definitely one that should be watched with the lights out. Or, if scary movies aren't your cup of tea, maybe with the lights on.

Netflix has been big on signing up for genre stories that fit neatly into subscriber preferences. We've seen sci fi projects in movies like Okja and What Happened To Monday and now it looks as if the streaming service will be moving more into supernatural fodder with 1922. Netflix's original movies have been fairly hit or miss so far, but the trailer for 1922 is compelling, and it has Stephen King branding to boot, so we're hopeful this will be one worth watching.

The movie should also be a good complement to the company's original series Stranger Things, which often pays homage to Stephen King's work and has a similar tone and feel, albeit a very different setting. The new season of Stranger Things is hitting Netflix at the end of October, as is 1922.

Stephen King projects are often popular, but they are all the rage right now. IT just crushed at theaters in September and is still making money more than a month later. There are also a slew of other King movies in the works now, including the completed 1922 and the upcoming sequel to IT. If you'd like to check out the list of Stephen King movies in the works, head here. Stephen King has also said he'd like to do more TV projects, including bringing Lisey's Story to life on the small screen.

As for 1922, you'll be able to feast your eyes on the movie very soon. It hits Netflix on October 20. If you are holding out for Stranger Things Season 2, that will be out Friday, October 27. In the meantime, take a look at the full Netflix premiere schedule.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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