How U.S. Veterans And Active Soldiers Can See Thank You For Your Service For Free

Miles Teller in Thank You For Your Service

AMC Theatres and Universal Pictures are partnering to show their appreciation for the military by offering U.S Veterans and active duty service members the opportunity to see Thank You For Your Service for free. The film opens nationwide on October 27, but service members can see the film for free at the 7 pm preview screening on October 26.

In order to take advantage of the free screening, those with a valid government-issued military ID can go to any AMC theater that is playing Thank You For Your Service to receive a free ticket to the preview screening. This promotion is on a first-come first-serve basis with a limit of 25 free tickets per AMC location. There will be only one free ticket given per military ID and the tickets must be picked up at the AMC box office. Also, this promotion is only for the 7 pm preview screening of the film on October 26th. For further details as well as the list of participating theaters, visit

Jim Orr, Executive Vice President and General Sales Manager for Universal pictures, discussed this unique promotion, stating,

Once we began a discussion with AMC about how we could embody the spirit and message of Thank You for Your Service, they stepped up to the plate in a major way. We are honored that up to 10,000 U.S. veterans and active service members will be among the first to experience this riveting film from our partners at DreamWorks.

Thank You For Your Service stars Haley Bennett, Miles Teller and Amy Schumer and is based on a book by David Finkel. The film was written and directed by Academy Award nominee Jason Hall, who also wrote the wildly popular American Sniper. This film marks Hall's directorial debut. Universal no doubt hopes this film can approach the level of commercial success and critical acclaim that met Clint Eastwood's military drama.

This film is about a group of U.S. soldiers coming home from Iraq and the real struggles that service members go through reintegrating back into civilian and family life and how difficult that is with the memories of war forever etched in their minds.

Thank You For Your Service premieres this weekend, and if you haven't yet seen the trailer for the film, you can watch it here:

It is great to see that Thank You For Your Service is living up to its title and giving veterans and active duty service members the chance to see the film for free. It is easy to pay lip service to supporting the troops, but AMC Theatres and Universal seem to be putting their money where there mouth is.

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