For seven straight years, the Saw franchise basically defined the "torture porn" horror subgenre -- offering audiences the opportunity to see characters die in remarkably horrible, disgusting ways. At the end of the day, it's the traps that are ultimate draw of the series, and we are going to discuss each and every one of them in this feature.

Much like some Saw movies are better than others, the various traps utilized throughout the films vary in quality -- with some of them just being slightly disturbing and others being full-on nightmare inducing. Below and on the next few pages we've ranked them all along this metric, so read on and tell us if you agree with our choices in the comments section!

46. The Antidote Safe (Saw II)

Every trap that Jigsaw sets is somewhat disturbing, but The Antidote Safe was one that really didn't require any bloodshed. If the victims trapped in the nerve gas-filled house just took a second to cooperate and figure out their first clue -- finding the numbers on their necks and putting them in the color of the rainbow -- they could have gotten a dose of the antidote without any violence. Of course, nobody figured that out in time, and nobody beat the trap.

45. The Acid Room (Saw VI)

Being kidnapped against your will is harrowing, but Tara (Shauna MacDonald) and Brent (Devon Bostick) don't really suffer much beyond that with The Acid Room test. Basically, all they have to do is wait around in a room with a big jar of acid until William Easton (Peter Outerbridge) completes his test, and then they decide whether or not he lives or dies. Brent ultimately chooses the latter option, filling William with acid-pumping spikes, but it's not like they ever get punished for the vengeful decision.

44. The Pain Train (Saw: The Final Chapter)

Frankly, while a little bit more screwed up than the last two, The Pain Train is definitely the weakest of all the traps in the Saw franchise. It's not really a trap at all, so much as Jill Tuck (Betsy Russell) being strapped to a railway and having a large vehicle smash into her. It's scary because there is no opportunity for escape, but it's a very quick death.

43. The Suspended Cage (Saw: The Final Chapter)

The Suspended Cage is so lame that we almost didn't count it as a trap. At the start of his trial, Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flanery), is suspended in a cage that is positioned over a bed of spikes -- but he's able to escape when he simply swings the enclosure on its chain and gathers enough momentum to jump across the room. This is scary and it would have been fatal if Bobby had landed on the points, but it's hardly the test that you walk away from The Final Chapter thinking about.

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