Watch Everything Wrong With The Dark Tower In This Very Specific Video

Whether you were a hardcore fan of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series or if you were just a casual fan looking for a good time, there was a chance you may not have liked the film adaptation. At least, that's if you happen to share any of the various points that a recent video claiming to chronicle everything wrong with the film has made. Prepare for a mouthful as you watch that video below.

So there are a lot of things that happened in The Dark Tower that do seem like a disservice to those who looked forward to a 1:1 adaptation of The Gunslinger's initial outing in the series. Two pretty big ones are mentioned both directly and indirectly throughout the Cinema Sins evaluation of the film's content. One of which is the fact that the iconic opening line kicking off the events of the Dark Tower narrative happened closer to the middle of the film's running time. That's the direct claim, as the indirect criticism of Jake not being fast enough to catch up to Roland, thus resulting in his possible death, echoes a particularly important event from Stephen King's legendary book.

Add that to the fact that while the multitudes of easter eggs scattered throughout The Dark Tower are entertaining, they really didn't do anything to help the story. Yeah, it was cool to hear that Jake has a strong Shine, and spotting Cujo and Christine's appearances in the world were a lot of fun. But all those moments did was make us chuckle about how Stephen King's shared universe was present and accounted for. Though considering how The Dark Tower did in theaters this summer, they'll be lucky if they get to delve deeper into that universe again.

But, of course, there's a a lot of garden variety sins that The Dark Tower commits against itself. A lot of very convenient happenings that even push the series' deeply held notions of Fate, as well as some storytelling shortcuts, all create a very truncated introduction to the eight book series' world. In short, the greatest sin that The Dark Tower committed was being too ambitious while not having the conviction to back its own call. There's still hope that the proposed TV show might right the wrongs and bring book fans and newcomers back to the fold, but for now The Tower is indeed dark.

If you're interested in seeing the mixed, yet still somewhat promising The Dark Tower, it's currently available in Digital HD, as well as UHD, Blu-ray and DVD.

Mike Reyes
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