The following contains MAJOR spoilers for both The Dark Tower film, and the book series it is based on. If you're not familiar with either, go do your homework and come back here when you're ready.

Stephen King's The Dark Tower series spans seven books and several decades of writing. While the first movie is intended to be the beginning of a cinematic franchise, it makes an interesting choice in including aspects of several different books in the series to create its first story. In doing so, it changes a lot. Like, an awful lot.

Not only do characters and locations appear much earlier in the film than they did in the books, but the way those characters and locations are portrayed are drastically different. It's almost impossible to mark every change in The Dark Tower so here are the major ones that really impact how the plot of the Dark Tower is truly different, and how it may play out differently as the franchise develops, assuming, of course, that it does.

Jake Chambers' parents actually like him. His mother, especially, is really worried that her son might be truly crazy. It's touching, and nothing like how Jake's mother would react in the books. Instead of a middle- or lower-class kid, as Jake is portrayed in the movie, Jake Chambers in the books is the son of a TV executive and he's fairly well off. Also, his parents have little interest in the fact that they even have a kid. They mostly ignore him, which is why Jake ultimately has no problem (much later in the books) making the decision to leave home. The Elmer Chambers of the movie died heroically. The Elmer Chambers of the book might not remember his own son's name and snorts a lot of cocaine. There is no step-father in the books.

The Breakers are children, rather than adults. The place we see at the opening of The Dark Tower is never named on screen, but in the books it's called Algul Siento. In the film, it's inhabited by children who have psychic abilities referred to as Shine. This is an amalgamation of a couple different concepts from the books. When Algul Siento is discovered, its inhabitants, who are psychically gifted, are mostly adults. However, children, specifically twins, are taken captive because the connection that twins have can be mined and used to help give the adult psychics more strength. Finally, all of this doesn't happen anywhere near this point of the story.

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