The Three Words Rian Johnson Would Use To Describe Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi Finn vs Phasma

Star Wars is one of those franchises that brings something to the table for everyone. There's action, there's romance, there's comedy and there's even a bit of intrigue thrown in for good measure. With so many different labels and adjectives available, it begs the question of how The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson chooses to describe the latest installment in the franchise. On that note, Johnson recently posted a video to social media to answer that question and said:

Intense. Fun. Starwarsianish.

Intense and fun are two words that I can totally get behind. Star Wars is an action-packed thrill ride full of space battles, frantic lightsaber duels and other types of action. Intense totally makes sense, particularly when we consider the high-stakes drama and possible Dark Side turns that could go down in The Last Jedi. Then there's "fun," which seems incredibly fitting when we consider the sheer amount of exciting aliens (adorable porgs, anyone?) and beautiful set pieces in every single Star Wars movie. Finally, we have "Starwarsianish," which isn't in the dictionary, but seems like the word for the feeling that you get when you watch a Star Wars movie for the first time. Do you remember the first Star Wars movie that you saw in theaters? That's Starwarsianish.

Of course, every Star Wars movie (by its very nature) is a little Starwarsianish, and it looks like The Last Jedi will be no different in that regard. However, it's also worth mentioning that The Last Jedi looks like it's going to break the mold of the Star Wars saga in some substantial ways. Quite a fuss has been made about how fundamentally different The Last Jedi feels compared to other films in the Star Wars canon (particularly the opulence of the film), which means that we can look forward to a least a few left turns that come out of nowhere. As long as Episode VIII doesn't veer too far off-course and sticks to that tried and true Starwarsianish quality that we all know and love, then it seems reasonably safe to assume that fans will walk away happy.

Do you happen to be one of those grammar sticklers who does not think that Starwarsianish is a word? Well, don't take my word for it. Check out Rian Johnson's video below to hear what he had to say about the upcoming Star Wars adventure.

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We will see how all of those intense, fun and Starwarsianish qualities come together when Star Wars: The Last Jedi finally blasts its way into theaters on December 15. Tickets for the highly-anticipated eighth installment of the franchise are already available (opens in new tab), so get yours now and start gearing up for the next adventure in the galaxy far, far away by checking out our handy Episode VIII guide.

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