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Coco Box Office: Pixar Threepeats, The Disaster Artist Expands And Impresses

Coco Pixar

With only one new wide release in theaters, Coco had no problem winning the box office this weekend, taking the top spot for the third weekend in a row. But that doesn't mean that the results didn't have some surprises. Check out the full Top 10 below!

Coco Box Office

The early weeks of December haven't been super popular for big features in recent years, and there is a very good reason: with a new Star Wars movie constantly in the mix, box office estimates probably look pretty unattractive. As such, the only new wide release we saw this week was director Ron Shelton's Just Getting Started - which doesn't look like it is ready to start anything resembling a solid box office run (apologies for that awful pun). The movie brought in just over $3 million in its first three days, which was just good enough for the 10th spot in the list, and it basically left the door wide open for Coco to take another crown.

Dropping only 33.5 percent in its third week, Coco pulled in $18.3 million, bringing its impressive domestic total up to $135.5 million. The movie is doing very well all around the globe, thus far making $389.5 worldwide. That's not over-the-top incredible by Pixar standards, as it is only ranked #15 of 19 so far, but that already puts it ahead of Cars 3, Toy Story, A Bug's Life, and The Good Dinosaur.

Coco Pixar

As noted in the headline, however, just because Coco got the number one spot doesn't mean it is necessarily the biggest attention-grabber of the week. Instead, that honor really belongs to James Franco's The Disaster Artist, which just crushed it in its second week of limited release. The comedy, exploring the making of one of the worst movies ever made, put up some notable numbers when it came out in just 19 theaters last week (enough to put it in 12th place), but as you can see from the chart above it has soared in expansion. The film is now playing in 840 theaters nationwide, and the $6.4 million it made this weekend was enough to move it up eight spots in the domestic rankings. It's averaging over $7,661 per theater, which pretty incredible. Given the buzz that it has picked up, and the fact that it will probably be appearing on a lot of Top 10 lists in the coming weeks, it's very possible that it could quietly continue to rake in some solid money in the next few weeks.

You'll notice that Justice League is still holding on as well, though its weekend totals have now dipped below $10 million. Globally, the superhero blockbuster has already made $613 million, though that total continues to sit at the bottom of the DC Extended Universe rankings (Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, in fourth position, made $668 million worldwide). It will be interesting to see where it ultimately ends up when the dust settles.

As mentioned earlier, the entire box office landscape changes this week thanks to the release of what should easily be one of 2017's biggest hits. The last main saga Star Wars feature, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, broke the record for a three-day opening, making an unbelievable $247.9, and there will be a lot of eyes watching to see if that total can be matched or bested by Star Wars: The Last Jedi. You can be sure that we will have the final results for you next Sunday, along with the numbers for the animated Ferdinand, so stay tuned!

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