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Howard the Duck

We all have a "favorite" movie, the go-to film that we can watch again and again. Mine is the original _Die Ha_rd. And when you are in this line of work, you need to be prepared to answer the Favorite Movie question, because you are asked it a lot. NFL football coaches do NOT get asked about favorite movies that often (why would they?), but if and when they are asked about it, they need a better answer than the one Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell gave to beat reporters in Michigan:

What an intriguing stance. Why not just answer the question, Jim Caldwell? Because by not answering the question of what your favorite movie is, you open the door to a floodgate of potential jokes as people try to guess what it might be. The easy approach is to think that it's something mature, and maybe a little risqué. Jim Caldwell might unwind with screenings of Eyes Wide Shut. Or he might be a huge fan of the two Fifty Shades adaptations. In which case, Caldwell will want to know that the smutty trilogy wraps on February 9, 2018 with the release of Fifty Shades Freed!

Twitter, naturally, had a field day with Jim Caldwell's non-answer, speculating that the NFL coach adores everything from Howard the Duck, and horrible made-for-television sci-fi crap:

... to the best/worst Nicolas Cage movie of all time:

This conversation even triggered a hashtag on social media, because that's how we roll. Want to play along with the best Jim Caldwell movie guesses? Sure you do. Follow along at #JimCaldwellsFavoriteMovie.

This is such a lose-lose scenario for Jim Caldwell. If an NFL coach is asked about anything non-football related during the season and they legit give a good answer, rabid fanbases tear them apart for not focusing enough on the team -- especially when teams are mired in a mediocre 7-6 season like the Detroit Lions currently are. If he answers, fans devour him for even thinking about movies at a time like this.

But what about if his favorite movie is Field of Dreams? Or Hoosiers? Can a football coach love a baseball, basketball or hockey movie? Unacceptable. Like I said, lose-lose. What do you think is Jim Caldwell's favorite movie? Put your best guess in the comments below!

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