Man Arrested For Using Stolen Credit Card To See Pitch Perfect 3 Actually Hated It And Walked Out

Pitch Perfect 3

You'd think the story of a man celebrating his 21st birthday and ending up in jail would be a great story involving drinking too much and doing something crazy. Unfortunately, one Florida guy doesn't have that exciting a tale to tell. His 21st birthday story involves stealing a debit card and using it to see a movie that he thought was so bad he walked out, and then got arrested.

Atif Hussain was turning 21 on or around Christmas Day, and to celebrate, he decided to buy a ticket to Pitch Perfect 3, he got himself some snacks at the concession stand, and he sat down for his movie. The only problem, according to the Miami Herald, is that he used the debit card of a McDonald's co-worker to pay for it all. Needless to say, he didn't have permission. Rachel Goldsberry was notified via text message of the pair of charges to her debit card, including $6.41 for the ticket, because apparently there's someplace in the world that charges less than $7 for a movie ticket, and $11.11 for the snacks. She notified the sheriff's department, who went to the theater, saw security camera footage of Hussain, and then waited for Pitch Perfect 3 to end so they could arrest him. Only he wasn't there.

Deputies apprehended Hussain a little while later at his house. Apparently, he had decided Pitch Perfect 3 wasn't very good and had theater hopped over to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. How depressing is that? You commit fraud and just want to see a movie but it turns out to be a bad movie. It's not reported what he thought of Jumanji, or when he made the decision to change theaters. Even if he liked what he saw on the second try, the issue then is that you missed the first part of a good movie. You just can't win.

Although on the plus side, since you have no idea you're about to be arrested, there's probably a certain amount of relief in watching Pitch Perfect 3 and thinking, "at least I didn't pay for this." Most of us use our own money and end up in bad movies some portion of the time. That's the really upsetting part. For whatever it's worth, Atif Hussain's opinion of Pitch Perfect 3 falls in line with most critics. While it's not being universally trashed, the vast majority of critics are giving the third entry the lowest overall scores in the franchise.

Atif Husain was booked for theft, felony possession, and fraudulent use of a credit card and was released the next day after posting a $3,500 bond. No word if he plans to go back and catch the first half of Jumanji.

Dirk Libbey
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