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Luke Skywalker

Spoiler Warning: The ending of Star Wars: The Last Jedi is alluded to here, so watch yourself and come back later if you haven't already seen the movie by now.

There are a lot of fake rumors out there on the internet about any given topic, but Star Wars always seems to attract a lot of them. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in theaters and one recent rumor is claiming that Mark Hamill did not know Luke Skywalker's ultimate fate until he saw the premiere and that Disney did it in post-production because they were angry with bad press he was creating about the movie. You probably don't need to be told that this is fake, but just in case anyone was unsure, Mark Hamill himself decided to clear the air. According to Hamill...

Amazing! Every word in that tweet is WRONG. No wonder they have ANON in their title. I'd want to remain anonymous if I were spewing complete BS, too. Disney angered? Final scene a surprise to me? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Taking to Twitter, Mark Hamill replied to a fan who retweeted the rumor from Twitter account The Anon Journal that he didn't know Luke Skywalker's ending until he saw the premiere of the film. According to The Anon Journal, which doesn't list any source at all, Disney changed the ending in post-production because they were upset with what Hamill was saying about The Last Jedi and its portrayal of Luke Skywalker. Hamill, borrowing Luke's own words, wrote that every word in the tweet was wrong.

It's definitely a little preposterous to think that a multi-billion dollar corporation would change the ending to a movie -- guaranteed to make millions of dollars -- just because of one thing an actor said about it. It's true that comments Mark Hamill made about Luke in The Last Jedi during the press tour included statements that he wasn't sure about his character's direction in the new movie. Given some context and the overall divisive reaction to The Last Jedi, the comments went viral. Hamill has since apologized and clarified his comments, but they still live on the internet forever. However, those comments went viral after the film came out, so how could Disney have changed the ending when millions of people had already seen it? Besides, if these comments were made during the press tour, then logistically there's no time to change the ending anyway.

It's no secret that Luke Skywalker's handling in The Last Jedi has become a subject of criticism for some groups of fans. The reasons tend to vary but it generally has to do with disappointment in the Jedi Master's actions and not living up to expectations. It was a decision made by Rian Johnson to create a more interesting movie and while people are welcome to dislike the choices, this writer felt Johnson succeeded. Luke ends up being just as much of a hero as he was in the original trilogy.

You can see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, currently playing in theaters right now, for yourself and decide for yourself what you think of Luke Skywalker.