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The Golden Globes happened earlier this week, and host Seth Meyers threw out a Harry Weinstein joke as well as a few other references to the sexual harassment and assault issues that have come to light in Hollywood over the past few months. With the Oscars coming up soon, people have been wondering whether or not Jimmy Kimmel --who is hosting this year's Academy Awards -- will also take the same tact. Kimmel addressed the question this week at the TCA , noting it will largely depend on whether or not Hollywood is still reeling at the time.

It's like getting into a hot tub; You can't really know what the temperature is until you get there. Suffice it to say we'll probably deal with it, unless there's a nuclear weapon heading to Sacramento that night.

Kimmel's comparison to whether or not the water is the right temperature is an interesting one. When the Globes aired, the #timesup movement was deliberately at the forefront. Men and women alike who attended the event wore black. It was a topic of conversation on the red carpet. It would have been weird if Seth Meyers hadn't brought it up.

However, it should be noted that the 2018 Oscars ceremony doesn't air until March. We're no longer in the thick of a slew of new allegations every day. Two more months from now the topic of conversation may not be as in the moment as it was when Seth Meyers addressed it. Regardless, sexual harassment was a key topic in Hollywood during 2017, when most of the movies nominated at the 2018 Oscars will have been created. Jimmy Kimmel plans to take a look at where Hollywood is in March before he sets the tone for the Oscars.

Kimmel also mentioned at TCA (via USA Today) that Seth Meyers' monologue was "like a litmus test" for what is to come, although he says he will not be tackling healthcare in his monologue, despite it being a topic of conversation on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC in recent months, also noting it is supposed to be a night with levity, and that the host is largely responsible for that. He said:

You have to remember why you're there, to entertain people on the biggest night of their lives. If it gets too heavy, you're taking away from that.

So, if you were worried about Jimmy Kimmel getting too serious, he says he plans to stick to the jokes. On the bright side, I doubt there will be a moment that rocks the ceremony as much as what happened last year, when La La Land accidentally got announced as the Best Picture winner over Moonlight. You can see how that monologue pans out when the 90th annual Academy Awards hit the schedule on March 4. To see more from the recent Golden Globes, head here. In addition, to take a look at what else is heading to TV, glance over our full schedule.

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