Disney has created some of the most loveable and adored characters in the history of film. However, not every new character created by Walt Disney Animation has been as equally beloved. Sometimes, a character designed to be sweet or cute turns out to just be irritating as hell. Sometimes it's a minor annoyance, but frequently the comic relief sidekick is unfunny to the point of being infuriating. They can't all be Sebastian or Jiminy Cricket.

While Disney has some of our favorite cinematic sidekick characters, they also have a few we'd like to dropkick into the sun. So with that in mind, here are the 10 most annoying Disney sidekicks.

10. Mushu - Mulan

Mulan's dragon friend Mushu isn't the worst character ever, and taken on his own, he's not all that bad. However, while Eddie Murphy voiced the wise-cracking dragon in Mulan in 1998, he went on to voice Donkey in Shrek four separate times, with a character that came across essentially the same: not as a character at all, just Eddie Murphy being Eddie Murphy. Now, you can't watch Mushu without thinking of Donkey, and Donkey is annoying. So, by the associative property of voice acting, which is a thing I just made up, Mushu is annoying.

9. Tito - Oliver & Company

Cheech Marin has voiced a number of different characters in both Disney and Pixar animated movies over the years, and most of them are fine. However, his early work as Tito the chihuahua infatuated with Bette Midler's poodle in Oliver & Company is not one of the high points in his voice acting career. It doesn't help matters that the movie itself is more than a little rough, but Tito's combination of multiple stereotypes (the tiny guy who thinks he's tough, the Mexican hoodlum and the Don Juan) are just too much to deal with at once. It's enough to make you long for a Billy Joel music break.

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