The Cool Way Mission: Impossible Fallout’s Christopher McQuarrie Celebrated Wrapping Production

The production of Mission: Impossible Fallout went through a lot on its way to the big screen. As the new movie wrapped principal photography, director Christopher McQuarrie reflected on everything that had been done up to this point. He literally breaks down the entire production by the numbers and lists everything that cast and crew had gone through up to the start of the final shot, including one very famous broken ankle.

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The rundown starts with 3000 setups, the number of times the cameras were set in order to get a particular shot. That number is always going to be high in an action film as you want to get things from multiple angles and then edit everything together. We've known that helicopters were going to come into play during Mission: Impossible Fallout from some of the behind the scenes shots that been revealed, but apparently 13 different choppers were used during production. Christopher McQuarrie, also mentions six pregnancies that happened during production. At least, I hope they were just during production, and not actually on set. We also learn from the list that the movie will take place on three different continents, or at least it was filmed on that many.

The list ends with one broken ankle. That would be the one that Tom Cruise received while performing a stunt in London several months ago. The injury would result in one of the five hiatuses that the movie took, which is a lot. Another was due to one item that Christopher McQuarrie forgot to include on this list, one epic mustache. Henry Cavill will play the antagonist of Mission: Impossible: Fallout a role that required him to grow extensive facial hair, which he then could not shave when he went back to do reshoots for Justice League. It resulted in some pretty rough CGI for the superhero film, making the mustache one of the most talked about aspects of the new Mission: Impossible movie.

The movie's subtitle, Fallout apparently comes from the fact that the new movie will see Tom Cruise and his team dealing with the fallout of a mission gone bad. The new entry in the franchise will see the return of supporting players like Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Rebecca Ferguson and Michelle Monaghan. Jeremey Renner will not be reprising his role from the last couple of entries.

The stats look good and so does the film. Even though shooting is just now wrapping up, we got a decent trailer for the new film during the Super Bowl which makes Mission: Impossible Fallout look like everything fans would want from the new film. Now the project heads into an abbreviated post-production to get things ready for release on July 27.

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