Henry Cavill's Hilarious Response To His Mission: Impossible 6 Mustache

If you'd told me last month that the mustache Henry Cavill grew for Mission: Impossible 6 would become the talk of the town, I would have said you were crazy. Well, following the report about the Justice League reshoots and how the Warner Bros production will need to CGI out the mustache for his extra scenes as Superman, Cavill's new facial hair has taken on new life. It's grown so widespread that Cavill himself has responded to the "controversy," promising his fans that steps are being taken to ensure that the menace that rests on his upper lip is vanquished.

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Wanting to see the record straight about his mustache situation after two whole days of chatter and fun, Henry Cavill posted the above photo on his Instagram page and humorously informed the public that the above fire contraption is not being used for Mission: Impossible 6, but is actually a "series of weapons" built by Warner Bros and Paramount to combat the Cavillstache. Rather than merely shave off the mustache, the studios are taking no chances with this "despotic" threat and its looming conquest. Cavill ended his post by noting that it will be difficult for all the parties involved to come out victorious against this "beast" without bringing their own doom raining down on them.

The fact that Henry Cavill's mustache has gotten so much attention since the start of the week is incredibly amusing, and it's good to see the actor join in on the fun while also teasing a cool behind-the-scenes moment in Mission: Impossible 6. As for the real reason why Cavill can't have wear a fake mustache, Mission: Impossible 6 director Christopher McQuarrie wrote on Twitter yesterday that the only way that would be possible is if a "liberal dose of staples" was used to keep it secure. What exactly that means is unclear, but evidently that upper lip decoration is being put through the ringer for the next Ethan Hunt adventure. But if Cavill's mustache somehow gains sentience during shooting and threatens to conquer the world, at least that fire contraption could double as a weapon to use against it, fingers crossed.

No plot details for Mission: Impossible 6 have been revealed yet, including who Henry Cavill is playing. Cavill joins a cast that includes Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Michelle Monaghan, Alec Baldwin, Sean Harris, Vanessa Kirby, Sian Brooke, Angela Bassett and Frederick Schmidt. As for Justice League, that movie will see Cavill's Superman returning to life after dying in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, though the resurrection will not come with a bonus mustache.

You can see Henry Cavill on the big screen next sans mustache in Justice League starting on November 17, and his glorious facial hair can be admired by all in theaters when Mission: Impossible 6 opens on July 27, 2018.

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