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One of the most impressive feats in entertainment is referred to as the EGOT, winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award. Now, somebody has done it, twice. Last night Robert Lopez received his second Oscar for co-writing "Remember Me" from Coco with his wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez. The two Oscars now go on the shelf next to his two Emmy Awards, his three Grammy Awards, and his three Tony awards, making him the first person to ever hit for the cycle twice.

Robert Lopez's road to musical stardom started in 2008 when he won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Direction and Composition for the Children's show Wonder Pets. He would then win the same award, for the same show, again in 2012. In 2011 he took home a pair of Tony's for Best Book and Best Original score for the Broadway production of The Book of Mormon. Which would also bag him his first Grammy a year later for Best Musical Theater Album.

Then in 2014, Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez won the Best Original Song Oscar for "Let it Go" from Disney's Frozen. This would also win them a pair of Grammy awards for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media, for the entire Frozen soundtrack, and Best Song for Visual Media, for "Let it Go." Now, with the second Oscar for the pair, the EGOT has been taken twice.

In addition to being the first to do it twice, Robert Lopez was also the youngest person to do it the first time, and he did it faster than anybody else. He's only 43, so there's a pretty good chance he'll win a lot more awards. He's already halfway to his third EGOT as it is.

Kristen Anderson-Lopez is on her way as well, with both a pair of Oscars and Grammy awards to her name. With Frozen hitting Broadway as we speak, there's a solid chance that one or more Tony awards are in their future. If they do pick up at least one, Anderson-Lopez will only need an Emmy, and then she and her husband have another record, the first EGOT couple. With the pair also returning to write the music for next year's sequel to Frozen we could very well see more Oscars from them as well.

"Remember Me" took home the Best Original Song Oscar last night from what was viewed as stiff competition from "This is Me," the anthem from P.T. Barnum movie The Greatest Showman. Many expected that song to take the night, but it was Pixar's night, as Coco took home both awards it was nominated for, including Best Animated Feature.

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