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If you haven't loved Jason Sudeikis as Liz's Cleveland-bound boyfriend Floyd on 30 Rock, then what the hell have you been doing with your time? She finished her Teamsters sub for him! The SNL player has already proven himself capable of playing a character with a few extra dimensions, and even though he probably won't need those skills playing "the best friend" to Justin Long's character in Going the Distance, it's at least nice to know that he has them.

Going the Distance is that odd movie in which on-again off-again real-life couple Drew Barrymore and Long will play a couple struggling through a long-distance relationship. According to THR Sudeikis will play Box, Long's friend who tells him to ditch the long-distance thing. Want to make a guess at Box being that player character who doesn't think any lady is worth it? And then he falls in love with one of the female characters-- my guess is Christina Applegate-- at the end?

I want to think more of this movie, both because I inexplicably like Justin Long and Barrymore has some appealing romantic comedies in the past. But even if it's generic, they had the good sense to cast Jason Sudeikis. That has to count for something, right?

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