Cool New Mission: Impossible Fallout Photos Take Us Behind The Scenes With Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise clearly loves his planes. From Top Gun to Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation to American Made (among many others), the guy seems to have a passion for hopping aboard things that can fly. Now, with the release of Mission: Impossible - Fallout looming for this summer, it's clear this passion has not changed. In fact, a new series of photos from the production of the sixth Mission: Impossible movie has just hit the web, and they tease some serious airborne stunts. Check out the first photo, below.

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Don't worry, Mission: Impossible. We will not try that at home. It is impossible (pun intended) to glean specific plot details from that shot, but it's evident that Mission: Impossible will send Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) on an infiltration mission of some sort that requires him to perform a HALO (high-altitude low-opening) jump from the back of a cargo plane. It's almost ironic: Ethan fought so hard to get inside of a cargo plane during the events of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, but in the next film he will jump out of one and plummet to the surface of the Earth.

Of course, for those of you who doubt whether or not Tom Cruise performed the jump teased in that first photo, a second picture was posted to show the action icon actually making the leap from the plane. See for yourself, below.

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You have to hand it to Tom Cruise. The man commits to his stunts. Between that HALO jump, the helicopter stunt, the motorcycle chase and the numerous fight scenes teased in the first Mission: Impossible - Fallout trailer, it looks like this could become one of the most action-packed Mission: Impossible films to date. Tom Cruise may have broken his ankle in a genuinely brutal way while making this movie, but the sheer number of stunts being teased appears to promise something extraordinary when it finally debuts this summer.

Ethan Hunt and the rest of his IMF team will go on their next assignment (if they choose to accept it) when Mission: Impossible - Fallout debuts in theaters later this summer on July 27. Make sure to mark the film's release date down on your calendars and then check out CinemaBlend's full 2018 movie premiere guide to get a better sense of all the other movies that will debut in theaters this year!

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