This weekend saw a movie where massive robots fought another massive robot and lots of things exploded. No, you didn't miss a Transformers movie, that was last year. This year our giant robot fix came courtesy of Pacific Rim Uprising, and in watching it one thing became clear, Pacific Rim is so much better than Transformers. While the Michael Bay explosion-fest does infinitely better at the box office, the fact is that Pacific Rim has made for much better movies. How exactly have giant robots been handled so much better in one franchise versus the other? Here are all the reasons that Jaegers are better than Transformers.

Jaegers Are Just Cooler

Jaegers are just empty shells that are controlled by people, and Transformers are actual sentient creatures, but the empty shell is actually a more diverse and interesting mech. Each one is uniquely designed and engineered and so they are very different. They look different, they have different weapons and attacks, which leads to more interesting battles. Transformers can, well, transform into cars, and that's cool, but that's their only real defining characteristic. The only thing that sets them apart is the sort of vehicle they can become. When it comes time for the robots to fight in Transformers, the battles aren't nearly as creative because the robots all have basically the same abilities, shoot guns and punch things.

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