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Denzel Washington has played a badass before. He does simmering intensity pretty good and he’s not half bad when asked to get physical. Busting heads proved no problem for him in Training Day for instance. But I don’t think we’ve ever seen Denzel Washington play this kind of badass, a Wesley Snipes style badass, the kind of badass he’s playing in the first ever trailer for The Book of Eli.

The film is a post-apocalyptic action movie in which Washington plays a lone warrior named Eli, fighting his way across a desolate wasteland. The Earth has been a hellhole for thirty years, but Eli has information which can bring back civilization and he’ll kill to protect it. Also involved in some way seems to be a samurai sword wielding Mila Kunis and that’s never a bad thing (unless of course the name of your movie is Max Payne).

Watch the first trailer for The Book of Eli in HD on Apple or watch it below:

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