The First Look At Linda Hamilton In Terminator 6 Is Totally Badass

Many years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger made the initial promise, in character as The Terminator, that he'd be back. And he delivered on that promise, time and again. But SHE only returned once... and once wasn't enough for fans. Which is why it brings us tremendous joy to share this badass photo of original The Terminator co-star Linda Hamilton from the set of director Tim Miller's currently untitled Terminator 6. Sarah Connor is back, folks!

Sarah Connor

These photos, shot and shared by TheTerminatorFans, show a blonde and incredibly fit Linda Hamilton in battle fatigues and savage aviators, ready to bring the fight to whatever adversary gets in her way. We don't know the man she's walking with. This appears to be a shot of Hamilton on set, but not necessarily in a scene. But it shows off an updated look for this iconic version of the character, who Hamilton last played in James Cameron's masterful T2: Judgment Day.

What will this movie be about? Details are being kept under lock and key at the moment, though it is believed that Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger -- while both returning to the series -- will be supporting characters, bolstering new leads. Blade Runner 2049 standout Mackenkie Davis has been cast in the film, and set photos released of her suggest a militaristic protector character, possibly in the Kyle Reese mold. And Gabriel Luna has been cast as this new film's Terminator, though whether he's working with Arnold's T-800 or against him remains to be seen.

Tim Miller (Deadpool) appears to be continuing a recent trend of creating a story to references a past movie, but overlooks other sequels that followed in its wake. For example, David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's Halloween is a direct sequel to John Carpenter's original that plans to ignore all of the other Halloween movies that came after it. We don't know for certain how Miller's Terminator will treat movies like Terminator Salvation or even Genisys, but the inclusion of Linda Hamilton suggests that this movie will build off of 1991's Judgment Day, while overlooking the rest.

Linda Hamilton 2

Now we have to wait and see just how involved Linda Hamilton will be in this new plot. Recently, Jeff Goldblum returned to the Jurassic Park franchise, and was featured prominently in the advertising campaign for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Then, he was hardly in the movie. We doubt Tim Miller would bring Linda Hamilton back for a glorified cameo. If you have a badass warrior like Hamilton, you make use of every skill she brings.

The idea of Linda Hamilton collaborating on a Terminator story from the mind of James Cameron, with the director of Deadpool at the helm, has us more than a little excited. We'll continue to track the movie's progress, now that production is underway.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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