What Probably Happens After The Final Scene Of A Quiet Place, According To Millicent Simmonds

Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place

The following will contain spoilers for A Quiet Place, so if you haven't yet seen the movie, sshhhhhhhhhhhhh!

John Krasinski's thrilling suspense hit A Quiet Place has, arguably, the coolest ending of any mainstream movie released this year. Emily Blunt and Millicent Simmonds, playing mother and daughter Evelyn and Regan Abbott, have figured out how to disarm the monsters that have been plaguing civilization. With a handful of creatures storming their headquarters, Evelyn and Regan get ready to crank out some sound waves, and the mother bear pumps the barrel of her shotgun. The screen slams to black, and the credits roll. Naturally, when we sat down across form Simmonds at a recent press day to discuss A Quiet Place and its home video release, we had to ask her what she thinks happens next, and she opened up be saying:

I imagine the two of them slowly walking out of the house. [With] Emily's character shooting, and then Reagan's character using the speaker so that they weren't able to defend themselves. And really, defeating the monsters, and hopefully finding other families.

CinemaBlend traveled to Minnesota to visit the Orfield Laboratories in Minneapolis on behalf of the video release of A Quiet Place, John Krasinski's smash-hit, crowd-pleasing 2018 thriller. And Millicent Simmonds joined us to talk about her experiences making this movie, and what might come next.

I'm choosing to be encouraged by the final line of Simmonds' answer. Because if she thinks that Evelyn and Regan Abbott find other families after the confrontation with the monsters, this means she thinks that they survive, and possibly even thrive.

It was suggested in A Quiet Place that there are other camps of survivors, though we learned next to nothing about them during this movie. John Krasinski, the director, kept a laser focus on the family at the heart of this drama, but his hints are other people gave him a possible avenue to explore in the announced sequel. A Quiet Place 2 could very easily take the route of, say, World War Z, and just tell a completely different story in the same world. Or, it could use Emily Blunt and Millicent Simmonds to bridge the narrative from the original movie to the sequel, and possibly pass the baton.

Listen to Millicent Simmonds talk about the events right AFTER the last scene in A Quiet Place in our exclusive video:

A Quiet Place (opens in new tab) reaches Blu-ray and DVD on July 10. What do you think they should do for the sequel?

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