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In what is becoming an annual tradition, New Line Cinemas and Warner Bros. brought the scares to San Diego Comic-Con as part of ScareDiego, an event that takes over Wednesday nights in SDCC -- the first night of the Con -- and kicks things off with a fright. Now in its second year, ScareDiego made a splash this year by showing off, to a packed house at the Horton Grand Theater, the first ever footage from Andy Muschietti's It Chapter Two. Here's what he showed us.

The clip reel was a lot of making-of footage from the set of IT Chapter Two, with Andy Muschiettit talking over some footage from the original film (with the younger version of The Losers' Club). The director thanked everyone for helping to make the first movie such a hit. He showed off sketches of Pennywise... rebuilding himself? There were sketches of the demonic clown in states of repair, building himself back up into the threat that we know he can be.

From there, Andy Muschietti actually talked about how excited he was by the passion for the casting of the actors playing the adult Losers. And we saw the first table read with the cast, which transitioned into actual footage. We saw James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain playing older versions of Bill and Bev. And we same Bill Hader's take on Richie, as he stood up in a gathering of what looked to be the first reunion of the regathered Losers and said:

What's up, Losers? Sooooo, what do you guys want to talk about?

The clip reel emphasized the ritual scene at the end of the first movie, where the children took a blood oath the come back to Derry if IT ever resurfaced. It did show a montage of the older actors playing the older versions of the famous and beloved characters. But the footage from the actual movie was limited. We know that enough time will have passed, and the clown will have healed. That will be the meat of IT Chapter Two. So it will be up to Ben, Bill, Beverly, Mike, Richie, Stan and Eddie to reunite and use the power of their group chemistry to stand up to the ancient evil and drive it back to the hell hole from which it sprang.

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Andy Muschietti returns to continue the story of Pennywise with It Chapter Two. This was a very early peek, as filming has basically just begun. So the panel at ScareDiego was a bit of a victory lap, as well as a promise that the sequel is in very good hands. The saga will continue when IT Chapter Two opens in theaters on September 6, 2019.

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