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Though the basic act of sitting in a movie theater and watching a film has not changed that much over the years, the process by which we obtain our tickets has radically evolved over the course of the last few years. The boom of digital services has made it easier than ever to get your hands on tickets, and now AMC Theaters has announced a deal with Facebook that will allow consumers to buy tickets directly through the social media platform.

This decision arguably seems like something that was inevitable as we look at the number of ways in which Facebook has become increasingly integrated into our everyday lives. Per a report from Variety, the social media giant has unveiled a new platform that allows users to search for movie times and purchase tickets based on their location. From there, users are redirected to the AMC ticketing platform, which in turn allows them to complete their purchases. This new setup is being slowly introduced at select locations around the United States, with a full, nationwide rollout expected in the near future.

Facebook's deal with AMC is not the social media platform's only movie ticket integration. In addition to its current setup with the major chain, Facebook also has deals in place with ticket vendors like Fandango and Atom Tickets. However, the AMC Theaters deal arguably feels particularly notable because it's the first deal of its kind between Facebook and an exhibitor, which largely cuts out the middleman.

AMC Theaters striking this deal with Facebook is the latest in a long line of innovations that we have seen come out of the ticket purchasing world in recent years. The boom of MoviePass as a disruptor in the industry has seen a fair number of changes take place in the world of movie theater attendance and ticket purchasing, and the integration of Facebook as a significant player in this corner of that world could have a massive impact moving forward.

With all of that in mind, it's hardly a surprise to see a movie theater chain make this type of move to streamline the ticket purchasing process. Many theater chains have struggled to maintain strong attendance in recent years for a wide variety of different reasons, and while there's no perfect cure-all solution yet, the act of integrating a ticket purchase into a notable social media platform kind of seems like a no-brainer.

CinemaBlend will bring you more information related to this major shift in movie ticket purchasing as new details related to the Facebook and AMC Theaters deal become available to us. Until then, you can head over to our movie premiere guide to figure out what your next movie ticket purchase should be!