Slaughterhouse Rulez Trailer Is Bonkers And Violent

With Halloween movie season just around the corner, it's time to start getting excited about the multitude of horror films such as Halloween and The Nun soon making their way to theaters. But if straight-up horror isn't your cup of tea, good news -- the comedic talents of the dynamic-duo that is Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have collaborated again in the upcoming horror-comedy, Slaughterhouse Rulez. Back in 2004, Pegg and Frost found breakout roles in Edgar Wright's Shaun of the Dead, a genius blend of zombie gore and witty fun that created a one-of-a-kind classic. Their latest team-up is set on the grounds of a proper British boarding school where a sinister sinkhole leading straight to hell appears, thus becoming a brutal battleground. See for yourself:

From the looks of the Slaughterhouse Rulez trailer, trust in Michael Sheen when he says "these things always end up a bloody mess" and are loads of fun to watch. It begins with an exchange between Sheen,as "The Bat" and Simon Pegg as Professor Houseman as he tells him to be careful around certain parts of campus. As the footage playfully introduces the characters and fictional world, short cuts of bloodshed appear, making it apparent it will follow in the blood-soaked footsteps of Shaun of the Dead. The film title refers to the name of the school "Slaughterhouse School," which seems oddly dead-on for future sight of, well, slaughters. It wears its cheesy one-liners with confidence, feeling intentionally light and campy.

Slaughterhouse Rulez also gives off a bit of a Harry Potter feel, or at least feels like a parody of it. One of the students has a distinctive Draco haircut, and when Pegg's character announces that one of the professors has died, it seems to make jabs at the constant switch up of the Defense of the Darks Arts teachers in the series. The boarding school setting makes for plenty of room for fun moments between the students and teachers, and could be a great little spin on the cliché of having helpless teenagers in horror films.

Even though Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have appeared together in numerous films together in the past 20 years, Slaughterhouse Rulez is the first release to come out of their newly formed indie production company, Stolen Pictures. The pair also have plans to develop a genre-bending television show called Truth Seekers. Crispian Mills directed Slaughterhouse Rulez, having only previous directing credits on another collaboration with Pegg on A Fantastic Fear of Everything in 2012, a little known addition to the horror comedy genre.

So clear your trick-or-treating plans this October 31 for Slaughterhouse Rulez. Based on this trailer, the faculty and students of "Slaughterhouse School" may soon have blood and gore in store for them, but it's sure to be a fun and hilarious ride for moviegoers.

Sarah El-Mahmoud
Staff Writer

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