It's been a good year for Netflix so far as they continue to create new original films of remarkable quality. In recent years, we've seen big budget features starring Will Smith as well as everything from traditional romantic comedies to documentaries and more. However, the best may be yet to come, as the upcoming slate for Netflix for the rest of this year is looking quite impressive.

There are over two dozen movies planned to hit the Netflix service before the end of the year. While each looks interesting in its own right, and certainly worthy of checking out if you already pay for the service anyway, here are a few key standouts you'll want to be sure not to miss.


Gareth Evans is best known for having written and directed the amazing Raid movies, so hopes are certainly high for his newest effort. Apostle is being billed as a horror-thriller which stars Beauty and the Beast's Dan Stevens as a man trying to rescue his sister from a religious cult led by Michael Sheen in 1905 London. If Evans can do for horror what he did for action with The Raid we could be in for something that completely turns the genre on its head. This may be the perfect Halloween treat if you can wait that long, as it comes out in the middle of October.

Release Date: October 12

22 July

22 July is a film about the aftermath of the deadliest terrorist attack in the history of Norway, on July 22, 2011. While the subject matter may be pretty far removed from the large American audience, what sets this movie apart from the pack is the fact that it's directed by Paul Greengrass, the man behind the similarly themed United 93 as well as the majority of the Jason Bourne movies. Greengrass is just the latest high profile name to join the family of actors and filmmakers who are producing films directly for Netflix. There's every reason the audience should make themselves aware of this event, and Greengrass' talents behind the camera are sure to fill this one with as much tension as we get in the theater.

Release Date: October 10

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