Walt Disney World May Add A Wreck-It Ralph Attraction, Remove One Of Its Least Popular Ones

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Wreck-It Ralph is about to return to the big screen, but it looks like he might also be making a big move into Disney Parks, replacing one of the least popular attractions currently running. A new rumor indicates that a new Wreck-It Ralph based attraction may be planned for the space in the Magic Kingdom currently housing Stitch's Great Escape, an attraction that has been reduced to a "seasonal" experience, because, seriously, nobody likes it.

This isn't the first time that rumors of a Wreck-It Ralph based attraction have popped up, as a couple years ago a rumor implied that a VR racing experience based around the Sugar Rush racing game was planned for the same space. However, since then Disney has indicated that it's not planning any VR attractions, leaving those to The Void, who may actually be working on a VR experience based on Ralph Breaks the Internet, set to hit theaters in November.

However, Walt Disney World News Today is reporting on a rumor that Walt Disney Imagineering is, in fact, still working, or perhaps working once again, on some sort of Ralph theme park experience to take over the Stitch's Great Escape space. There's no indication of what the attraction could encompass, beyond the fact that it likely won't be VR-based.

If true, this will be welcome news for a lot of Walt Disney World fans. Stitch's Great Escape is not exactly the most beloved attraction in the park. It consists of a circular room where the audience straps into chairs to view Stitch in captivity, when he "unexpectedly" escapes, cuts the power, and then proceeds to mess with the audience in the dark, via the use of directional sound effects, motion simulation built into the chair, and other tricks. There is little in this world less appealing then Stitch belching in your ear and then having the smell of a chili dog waft into a room you can't leave.

It's almost certain that something will be going in that space before long, while Stitch's Great Escape is currently a "seasonal" attraction, meaning it's only open during high traffic times, it hasn't been open since last holiday season ended. It seems that whatever may be planned for the future is still in a very early stage so nothing will be built any time soon.

Stitch's Great Escape itself took over the space from the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter, which used the same basic attraction structure but included a much scarier alien creature, which was originally conceived to be based on the Alien film franchise. It was a generally better-received attraction but was actually viewed as too scary for young children, which eventually resulted in the ride being replaced by something more family friendly.

So far, Ralph Breaks the Internet is looking pretty good, and if it does as well as its predecessor there will be even more fans who will want to see Ralph in the park somewhere. With a major Walt Disney World anniversary on the horizon, perhaps we'll see the new attraction debut in 2021.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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