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MoviePass has had a rough couple of weeks in the customer service world. The movie theater subscription service has drawn the ire of many consumers in recent days for its inability to cover the cost of films, as well as the decision not to let subscribers use the service to see Mission: Impossible -- Fallout in its opening weekend. However, while the latest Tom Cruise action thriller was initially withheld from MoviePass consumers, a tweet posted by the service encouraged fans to check it out, even though it's actually still not available on MoviePass. You can see the tweet (which has since been deleted from the social media account) below.

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Fallout Ethan Hunt Moviepass tweet

So while MoviePass did not let audiences see Ethan Hunt's latest impossible mission, that tweet found by Business Insider appears to encourage moviegoers to finally check it out. The problem? The film is apparently still blocked for many MoviePass users, thus indicating that the tweet was selling audiences something that they couldn't actually access with the service. The tweet was posted on Sunday, with an email following on Tuesday announcing that the film could finally be seen. It's unclear as to precisely what happened here, but we do know that the original message conveyed on social media was not the same as what was actually delivered by the service.

Of course, MoviePass has addressed the fact that it has opted to withhold big releases in the early stages of their theatrical runs. In a recent statement issued by CEO Mitch Lowe, it was explained that MoviePass views its service as similar to Netflix in the sense that there's an understanding that certain forms of content are limited and not immediately available to consumers.

This Mission: Impossible -- Fallout fiasco is only the latest in a long line of issues that MoviePass has faced over the course of the last few months. From the colossal failure of Gotti with critics and mainstream audiences to the consistent customer service issues that have popped up as MoviePass has grown and tried new promotion to the backlash against the Uber-style Peak Pricing system that the service recently implemented, these issues have created a reasonably tumultuous environment that has not gone unnoticed by MoviePass investors.

Regardless of whether or not you attempt to use your MoviePass subscription to see Mission: Impossible -- Fallout this weekend, the movie is still available for your viewing pleasure if you buy a traditional ticket. If you want more information about the film, you can head over to our full review to see what we have to say about it. For more information about the rest of the films that are set to hit the big screen in 2018, head over to our movie premiere guide!

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