Incredibles 2 Is Now Pixar's Highest Grossing Film

Jack-Jack and Parr Dad in Incredibles 2

Pixar's Incredibles 2 has been on a hot streak since it hit theaters back in June. Nearly three months later, the movie is still doing well in theaters. In fact over the weekend, it brought in $3.16 million dollars, a little more than new release Kin ended up making during its opening three days. While that's bad news for Kin, it's great news for Incredibles 2, which just keeps raking in money as it sticks around in theaters. In fact, Incredibles 2 has now made so much money, it has blown another Pixar film out of the water, becoming the studio's highest-grossing animated film.

Previously, that accolade went to Finding Dory, a movie that grossed a little bit over $486 million domestically and a little over a billion worldwide. Incredibles 2 has been a much bigger winner domestically, making more than $602 million in North America and another $562.5 million worldwide. It's current total has it at $1,164,826,913 (via Box Office Mojo), which means it has topped the movie that just kept swimming to become Pixar's highest grosser. It's also notable because a few weeks ago, the sequel was already the first animated movie to gross over $500 million domestically, and now it's north of $600 million.

That said, Incredibles 2 does not have the highest animated box office of all time. The movie is still eclipsed by Frozen, a Disney movie that went on to make $1,276,480,335 at the box office. So, Incredibles 2 still has a ways to go to catch that movie, although we should note that, like Finding Dory, a huge chunk of Frozen's box office was raked in internationally, while Incredibles 2 has had a heftier domestic release. In that way the Pixar movie is pretty, well, incredible too.

When Incredibles 2 was released in June, it came out during a time when there was a dearth of children's content in theaters. Later during the summer Hotel Transylvania 3 and Teen Titans Go! To The Movies also competed, as well as Disney's Christopher Robin; regardless, Incredibles 2 was clearly the big box office winner among the younger-skewing offerings this summer and it got a head start on the competition by hitting theaters in June instead of July or August.

Incredibles 2 also happened to be a sequel to a movie that people have fond feelings for and that took a long time to make it to theaters. If you couple the long time people waited to see the Parr family back in action with the fact the majority of critics and audiencegoers seemed satisfied with the experience, it's easy to see how this one has gone on to make buckets of money. Unlike Dash, eventually Incredibles 2 will slow down; however, it's not quite there yet. You can take a look at this week's other box office numbers with our full rundown.

Jessica Rawden
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