Predator's Honest Trailer Is Packed With Machoness And The Best Handshake In Human History

We are only days away from the release of The Predator. This is just the latest attempt to capitalize on one of cinema's all-time coolest monsters. As such, it seems only right to revisit the classic action horror film that first introduced us to the interstellar sport hunters, 1987's Predator. Fortunately, Honest Trailers has us covered, looking back on the overwhelming machoness, the iconic one-liners and the legendary handshake that make Predator still such a classic today. Take a look below to see the Honest Trailer for Predator.

You can't really discuss Predator without referencing the incredible handshake that turns into an arm wrestling contest between Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dutch and Carl Weathers' Dillon. And Screen Junkies doesn't neglect this moment. Indeed, this flex shake between these two titans is a strong antidote to peach fuzz, while giving you lifelong handshake and bicep goals. Thanks to memes, this image is probably as reproduced as that of the Predator itself at this point. You also can't talk about Predator without mentioning the one-liners in this film, which you've undoubtedly heard even if you've never seen it. They're ridiculous and cheesy and iconic and awesome.

The Predator Honest Trailer also touches on one of the huge flaws in the film: it gives away the alien in the beginning. As is the audience knows more than the characters, eliminating any mystery element to this jungle contest. Had the beginning of the film not opened with the Predator being dropped off on safari, we, along with Dutch and Co., would have felt an extra level of fear and confusion at what exactly was going on. Then we would have been looking just as curiously at the trees.

The comparison between Dutch and Kevin McCallister from Home Alone is also really funny. Although technically, since Predator came out first, Kevin McCallister is really an ingenious, screaming, ice cream eating Dutch. Maybe Kevin saw Predator prior to his epic parental neglect, and took some tips from it. Screen Junkies also doesn't forget to mention the end-credits of this film, which are certainly jarring-- giving us sitcom-esque shots of characters who were just disemboweled in the film. Except they're smiling like they were having a jolly saunter through the jungle, and not being horribly butchered.

As the Honest Trailer notes, the original Predator has never been improved upon, but that hasn't stopped Hollywood from trying. The next attempt comes from Shane Black, one of the stars of the original film. And it has received mixed reviews so far, seemingly eclipsing the rest of the mediocre sequels, but falling well short of the original.

You can see the return of the galaxy's most fearsome hunter when The Predator stalks into theaters on September 14th. Take a look at the release calendar to see the rest of the big movies still to come in 2018 and for all the latest in the choppa and why you should get to it, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

Nick Evans

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