No, The Flash Movie’s Directors Haven’t Dropped The Project

Ezra Miller as The Flash

The big screen Flash movie has had a history of trouble holding onto to directors. However, earlier this year the team of Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein signed on to helm the upcoming project, and it appears that the pair are hard at work, which debunks recent rumors that they are the most recent directors to leave the film.

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The word comes from Umberto Gonzalez of The Wrap who says that any rumors that the directors behind Vacation and Game Night have left the film are simply untrue, citing an apparent meeting between them and Warner Bros. as recently as last week. He also says that, while nobody has seen a script for the film, he confirms it will apparently not be a Flashpoint movie as previously announced. Even though nobody has seen a script, there seems to be one, or there is very nearly one, as the film is looking to go into production in 2019, no later than May.

It's certainly good news that Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein haven't left The Flash, as they would just be the most recent directors to exit a project that has had serious trouble getting up to speed. Originally Seth Grahame-Smith was put in the director's chair, but he left and was eventually replaced by Rick Famuyiwa. Then Famuyiwa left the film himself in October of 2016. While many names were rumored for the project since then, it remained a ship without a captain until Daley and Goldstein came along.

The confirmation that The Flash is apparently moving along as expected is good news for a DC universe that saw things get a little crazy when a report emerged claiming Henry Cavill was leaving the role of Superman. While it's now less clear how accurate that report actually was, it still leaves a lot of people scratching their heads about just what the plan is for DC's film universe. However, the short-term actually looks pretty good. Aquaman is ready to go at the end of the year and Shazam! and Wonder Woman '84 are scheduled for 2019. If The Flash is looking at an early 2019 production start it could be the next movie in the franchise coming out in the spring or summer of 2020. There are also rumblings we could see one of the multitude Harley Quinn projects in development go before cameras soon.

While we may not know when we're going to see Superman on the big screen, it looks like everything is working out when it comes to getting The Flash there.

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