The Flash Movie Just Lost Its Director

The Flash

While Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash, will get a fleshed-out role next year in Justice League, he'll truly get to shine in the DC Extended Universe when his solo movie arrives in 2018. Unfortunately, the movie has had to deal with several setbacks during the pre-production process, and the latest comes on Halloween 2016, as director Rick Famuyiwa has exited The Flash.

No officials reasons were provided about Rick Famuyiwa's exit, but according to THR, it was due to "creative differences." The Dope helmer said in a statement he pitched a version of the movie with his "voice, humor, and heart," but in the end, he and Warner Bros "couldn't come together creatively on the project." The article mentions later on that his "edgier" vision for The Flash apparently clashed with what the studio wanted. Famuyiwa is the second individual who has vacated The Flash's director's chair, as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter's Seth Grahame-Smith was originally tapped for the job.

This definitely isn't a good sign for The Flash, and not just because the project lost two directors within a year of each other. The movie is also scheduled to begin principal photography in March 2017, leaving only a couple months for Warner Bros to find a suitable replacement. The THR article also mentions that the movie's star, Ezra Miller, "has a commitment" in July, so if the studio can't find a suitable directing replacement fast, the Scarlet Speedster's solo adventure will obviously need to be delayed (how ironic). Although Rick Famuyiwa is no longer connected to The Flash, some of his influence will definitely still be felt. While he was attached, Kiersey Clemons was cast as Iris West, Billy Crudup was said to be playing Barry's father, Henry Allen, and Cyborg may also be involved.

It's also worth noting that this isn't even the first DCEU movie that has suffered directing setbacks. Breaking Bad's Michelle McLaren was originally supposed to helm Wonder Woman, but she later exited due to "creative differences" with Warner Bros, and Monster's Patty Jenkins was hired as her replacement. There were also reports about James Wan having "trepidation" about directing Aquaman, although he later indirectly denied those claims on social media. At this point, it's anyone's guess who will be picked as Director #3 for The Flash, but this development definitely raises more concerns than it does decrease them.

The Flash has already been seen in 2016 cameoing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and he'll work alongside the other main DCEU heroes during Justice League. No plot details for the Fastest Man Alive's movie have been announced yet, although the hero will reportedly battle The Rogues.

The Flash is scheduled to race into theaters on March 16, 2018.

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