First Pet Sematary Trailer Convinces Us That Dead Is Better

John Lithgow in Pet Sematary

Sometime, dead is better. That doesn't mean that Stephen King's disturbing Pet Sematary should stay dead. Not after seeing this chilling trailer for the 2019 horror movie. New footage just dropped. Give it a look!

Based on the bizarre and brutal novel by acclaimed horror storyteller Stephen King, Pet Sematary dabbles in the macabre, and the pain of loss that might be able to be scrubbed away. But at what cost?

The most effective scare in this new Pet Sematary trailer comes from something ordinary. A truck, barreling down the road. This is the crux of the story, when a new family (led by Jason Clarke and Amy Seimetz) moves to a quiet, and large, Maine farmhouse that happens to be situated too close to a busy road. But they have children! And a cat.

Trouble brews when the road claims its first victim. The family pet. Clarke's character is told of a solution, but it's supernatural (of course, this is Stephen King). There's a burial ground. And when you bury things there, they come back. But something isn't right with what's returned. So, is it worth it?

Pet Sematary started its life as a Stephen King novel in 1983. Even by Kings standards, it's a mean and nasty little story, with a parent being pushed to the brink as he grapples with the loss of a child... and the potential god-like power of resurrecting the dead. Naturally, when your advertising slogan is, "Sometimes dead is better," you begin to realize that the notion of a pet cemetery is ill-advised. There are much darker places that this story can go, so strap in.

More people might know Pet Sematary from the popular (and creepy) 1989 movie. Fred Gwynne was memorable as the old townie who teaches Louis Creed (Dale Midkiff) about the power of the pet cemetery. And Miko Hughes was disturbing as the zombie Gage.

The new Pet Sematary arrives in what is a Golden Age of rebirthed Stephen King. The author's creations have inspired a critically acclaimed Hulu show in Castle Rock. The Dark Tower adaptation may have faltered, but IT Chapter Two is powering along, and should captivate King fans in September 2019. Also, is this the mark of the Crimson King on the tree in the Pet Sematary trailer?

Pet Sematary 2 Crimson King?

April is shaping up to be a massive month. DC and Warner Bros will have Shazam! in theaters. Hellboy shifted back. Paramount's dropping this chilly treat. And we expect Avengers 4, whatever it's titled, to move back into April, much like Infinity War did. For a complete rundown of 2019 release dates, bookmark our guide and check it, often.

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