The Possession Of Hannah Grace Trailer Is Disturbing But Awesome

The Possession of Hannah Grace

Exorcisms. Do they ever go right? It seems that each time well-intentioned people try to coax the devil out of some man or woman, more problems are created. The Possession of Hannah Grace looks to continue Satan's unbroken win streak. Take a look at this disturbing trailer:

There's a good set-up behind Diederik Van Rooijen's The Possession of Hannah Grace. The movie seems to know that we have seen demonic-possession stories before, and so it needs a new avenue into the narrative, or else it's all going to feel recycled and stale.

Enter Megan Reed (Shay Mitchell), a cop -- fresh out of rehab -- who takes the graveyard shift at the morgue. She's told that the new body that just arrived died during an exorcism. She's also told that if an exorcism ends before it's completed, the evil spirit needs to find a new vessel. (Never heard that one before, but OK.) And from there, according to this trailer, Megan's night looks to get very, very creepy.

Now, why the hell is this movie opening in November? And over the Thanksgiving holiday frame? This HAS to be an October release, aimed at Halloween crowds, does it not? Maybe The Possession of Hannah Grace is afraid of the actual Halloween movie that's opening in theaters and is poised to suck up all of the scary oxygen in theaters? Because outside of that, I can't quite figure out why Screen Gems is holding this, and entering into a marketplace that also has Creed II, Wreck-it Ralph 2 and the remnants of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Gridelwald.

By the looks of the trailer, The Possession of Hannah Grace has a few good scares going for it. Yes, it seems to resemble the body horror that comes with a lot of demonic-possession stories, and poor Kirby Johnson, the actress playing Hannah, seems to have has a horrific time on set. This may rival Suspiria for the most disturbing body twists of 2018.

But if the screenplay for this movie comes close to generating some surprises, this could satisfy some horror fans who are missing out on the thrills of October come Thanksgiving, allowing them to head back out to the theaters for one more disturbing feature film, before December gives way to the bigger blockbusters like Aquaman and Mary Poppins Returns.

We don't know much about the filmography of The Possession of Hannah Grace director Diederik Van Rooijen, so for this one, we have to rely on the trailer to get is excited. This one does just that. Do you think you will give this a shot when it comes out on November 30th?

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