7 Disney References Hidden In Ralph Breaks The Internet You Probably Missed

The following contains minor spoilers for Ralph Breaks the Internet

It's far from uncommon for animated Disney movies to include references to previous films in the form of little easter eggs for fans to spot. Ralph Breaks the Internet is certainly no exception.

What is different this time around is that, while those sorts of references are usually small and hard to notice, Ralph Breaks the Internet actually has an entire segment dedicated specifically to making Disney references. As such, the majority of the "Disney stuff" inside Ralph 2, is pretty blatant and obvious. If you saw the movie, or even just the trailers, you saw a lot of Disney related references.

However, there was actually so much going on, especially during those Oh My Disney scenes, that there were probably still a lot of things you missed. I'll need to go over Raph Break the Internet like the Zapruder film in order to see them all, but here are a few of my favorite Disney easter eggs you may not have noticed.

Flynn Rider with frying pan in Tangled

Rapunzel's Frying Pan

Not every Disney reference is found at Disney's internet home. One of my favorites comes while Raph and Vanellope are checking out eBay in order to get the steering wheel they need. As in real life, there's a lot of random stuff for sale online, including a random frying pan. Except, in the world of Disney, that frying pan isn't random. It's the weapon of choice for Flynn and Rapunzel in Disney's Tangled. Interestingly, a shot from the trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet which shows the frying pan also included Aladdin's lamp being for sale, but that object didn't apparently make the final cut of the film or I totally missed it.

Baby Moana waving at the ocean

Baby Moana and Mother

If you saw all the trailers for Ralph Breaks the Internet then you absolutely saw this little kid, as she was part of one of the funniest moments in the marketing as she screamed in horror at the sight of a bunny who ate too many pancakes. You may or may not have recognized the design of the girl because she's wearing modern clothes, but it's actually the toddler version of Moana from the film of the same name. What's more, the character is actually credited as "Baby Mo" in the credits, and "Mo's Mom" is voiced by Nicole Scherzinger, the same actress who performed the role in that film, making yet another actress who returned for this movie along with all the other princesses, like the adult Moana.

Aunt Cass in Big Hero 6

Aunt Cass

This is one of my absolute favorite easter eggs because it's one of the easiest ones to miss. Upon arriving in the internet, Raph and Vanellope are greeted by everybody's least favorite part of the internet, pop-up ads. One of the ads that gets presented to Ralph is for "Sassy Housewives" that the ad claims want to meet him. While we never get a clear look at the ad, the image that goes along with it appears to be that of Hiro's Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6, who certainly qualifies as sassy, though she's single and a small business owner, so she really doesn't qualify as a housewife. While I certainly hope Aunt Cass finds love, I'm really hoping she's not resorting to one of those awful websites.

Sorcerer Mickey in Fantasia

Sorcerer Mickey

When Vanellope arrives at the Disney hub of the internet, there's a lot going on. The first shot gives us Kermit the Frog, Iron Man, and X-Wing fighters. Numerous Disney characters are visible, though the biggest thing in the shot is a massive Sorcerer's Hat from Fantasia as the centerpiece of the "Disney Animation" section. However, because the hat is so big, you might have missed that standing on top of the hat is actually Mickey Mouse himself, wearing the same hat, and performing some of the same magic that he does in the 1940s film. While we see the mouse ears all over the movie, it just wouldn't be the same if Mickey himself wasn't somewhere in the movie. It's his birthday after all.

Cinderella dancing with Prince Charming

So This Is Love

The Disney Princess sequence is probably the best in the movie from a pure humor standpoint. There are a lot of great moments where the princesses reference their previous films and make some jokes at their own expense. One that might have been less obvious, however, comes from Cinderella after the assembled Princesses have remarked on Vanellope's odd clothing. The introduction of comfortable, casual, clothes to the usually formally Princesses results in Cinderella saying "so this is love" followed by a clear sigh of joy. The line is actually the name of the song that Cinderella sings upon dancing with Prince Charming in the original animated classic. Apparently, the Prince and a pair of sweatpants are about equally as wonderful in her eyes.

Humphrey the bear

Humphrey the Bear

There are so many Disney references wandering the "streets" of the internet that it's impossible to catch them all. However, one of my favorites that I was glad to see was Humphrey the Bear. He's seen doing a little dance and picking up trash on the ground, which is actually a scene from the 1956 Disney animated short In the Bag. Humphrey is certainly not a character with the history and fan base of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, but the funny bear made appearances in numerous shorts in the 1950s and even got a couple of his own. The character has remained a consistent, if small, part of Disney history and it was nice to catch a glimpse of him here.


While not strictly a Disney easter egg, it's one that appears in nearly every modern Disney and Pixar film. The number is a reference to a classroom at the California Institute of the Arts where most of today's great animators received a portion of their training. Walt Disney himself played a large part in the founding of the school, making it still a Disney reference. In Ralph Breaks the Internet, the number appears as Vanellope is on the run from Stormtroopers. She finds herself in Sector A113, which is where the Disney Princess' dressing room is located.

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