The following contains minor spoilers for Moana.

Disney's animation studio has been churning out hits for decades. Few studios have a history to pull from like they do. In recent years it has become common for the studio to throw nods to their previous work into their newest feature film. Moana is no different. There are several cool easter eggs, some obvious, and some less so, throughout the latest Disney movie. There are likely even more that we saw, but here are the ones that we spotted on our viewing.

Sven From Frozen

While Frozen was one of the biggest hits that Disney has ever seen, poor Sven the reindeer got very little of that love. In an apparent attempt to make up for this oversight, he's got the briefest of cameos in Moana. When Maui retrieves his magic fish hook in the middle of the film, he attempts to use it to transform. Unfortunately, being out of practice, it doesn't go too well. He begins to morph into one creature after another without control. One of them is clearly Sven, who looks awfully confused for showing up in such an odd spot.

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